Sound is Acting Strange

So I was making a game where there is a sound effect when you hover over the menu. For some reason, that is not happening. Do you know what may be causing it? Here is my source file:
error.rbxl (41.2 KB)

The sound is named “Hover” in the folder, but you’re indexing “Sound_Hover” instead.

Simple typo. :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand. I tried it and I could not find what you are talking about.

The name of the sound you’re trying to play does not match up with the sound name you specified to play in your script, so therefor it’s saying you’re indexing a nil value in the output window. (it doesn’t exist.)

Where does it show that though? I cannot see it.

On line 17 you have it labeled “ButtonHover” while in the Sounds folder its named Hover. Just rename the Hover Sound in the Sounds Folder to “ButtonHover” that should fix your error.

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In the output, studio topbar’s view then find output.