Sound shorter than 15 seconds not being approved

Hi guys;

So I was going to upload a sound ranging between 14.5 seconds and 15 seconds (time shown through audacity in this screenshot and ROBLOX’s sound uploading system believes that around 14.5 seconds is the limit when it is supposed to be 15 seconds.

Though the difference in the length of chosen sound and max limit is within the decimals, I’d love to have solid figures, such as the audio uploading system correcting its time determination or just changing the limit to 14.5 seconds.

This has happend to me too. I wound up uploading two sections; a 10 and 5 second one. I’d like this to be fixed as well.

And waste 250 robux? We shouldn’t be forced to do that.

Whoops, yeah I know we shouldn’t, I meant wound up, not would up.

I’ve noticed this aswell.

Seems that the maximum cap is actually a little bit less than 14 seconds. It’s kind of weird, I’ve noticed this too.

Yeah, it has happened to me too.