Sound still being heard despite SoundGroup.Volume == 0

if you play a sound via Sound.PlayOnRemove == true, and the SoundGroup the Sound object belond to has its volume set to 0, then why is there any sound coming from the Sound object at all? Is this a bug, or intended?

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Make sure to set the soundgroup property on the sound Obj


After some further testing, I’ve found out that when the Sound object is either been removed/destroyed. It ignores the SoundGroup property entirely… This is intended I’m guessing?

This seems like very odd behaviour, the sound’s SoundGroup property is still set (after destroying it, or parenting it to nil) so I’d expect it to still respect the SoundGroup’s properties. This doesn’t just apply to volume, but also any effects applied to it.

I’d suggest that you file a bug report, if this is intended behaviour then it’s rather weird and should be stated somewhere.


I would assume its because :Destroy() locks the properties no explanation on just setting it to nil though

Thank you, I completely forgot about that. Very helpful.