Sounds aren't playing (in this test file)

I am trying to achieve a system where multiple parts in workspace hold sound objects in them, that play sounds rather than in the PlayerGui so that 3D distance plays a role in how loud the sound is and where it’s coming from.

The issue is I cannot hear anything. The sounds say they are playing with “IsPlaying” checked, and the TimePosition property updates like the sound is playing, and even with Roblox volume maxed out, I can’t hear anything.

Here are the 2 sound links

I have searched through posts talking about PlaybackLoudness and have a suspicion it is a playing a role. PlaybackLoudness seems to get reset to 0 for 90+% of the time I am moused over the Sound Object while in play solo or test server mode. I tried lowering the volume so PlaybackLoudness wouldn’t cross a certain threshold, that did not work.

Here’s a repro file, if you take a look in and find something that I missed I’d appreciate any help!
SoundNotPlaying.rbxl (14.6 KB)

I was able to fix the sound by
a) swapping out the sound objects with defaults, only changing the ID and the Looped properties to how they were before
b) Removing one of the steam sounds–it was causing this strange stuttering effect, almost like they were cancelling each other out at times.

Here’s a fixed version.
SoundNotPlaying.rbxl (14.8 KB)

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Oh, the EmitterSize was 0 (when was that made into a property)