Sounds Still Don't Play Properly

After a certain amount of time ingame, sounds will stop playing and you’ll need to be very close to the source and the sound will JUMP to a high volume. Zooming out will make it snap to 0.

Try here. Play for ~20 minutes.

Yep. Played and got the glitch.

One problem I also notice is that it waits till its done loading to play the sound. So when a player joins and scores a goal before the sound is preloaded there is like a 40 second delay till the goal horn sound finally plays, if its not going to play on que id rather just have it not play :confused: I mean a 2 second delay isn’t bad. I think it’s taking 40 seconds because it sends it to the end of the preloading list which mine is like 70 sounds, If it could send it to the front of the list somehow that would be better.

I’ll be looking at this more in a few days, but the behavior I’ve seen with sounds that stop playing at later stages of the game is because Play is called and then Stop is called immediately after, and by the time the play is about to happen, Stop has already been called. This is why there’s no difference between the old and new engines with regard to that bug.

What I’ve seen is that somewhere along the way, scripts gets confused and calls Play/Stop quickly, leading me to suspect a bug somewhere outside the sound engine’s control. I’ve explicitly seen this behavior in some of the rocket scripts in use out there. However, to confirm, like I said, in a few days I’m planning to have a look.

As for the occasional loudness issue, I’ll look at that at the same time.

That’s all I can really say for now, but I appreciate the reports.

As for playing a sound that took “too long” to load, an answer to that is coming.