South Wales Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

South Wales Management’s main focus is to provide a realistic and enjoyable roleplay for the people that play it. Sometimes people don’t roleplay up to expected standards in all roleplay communities so we have set out a list of rules that people who play the game and people in the discord must follow by and have split it into three sections.

The following is a body of guidelines that all people in the discord or people who join the game must abide by:

Discord Rules

• Discriminatory actions or slurs is strictly not allowed (e.g homophobia, racism or transphobia).
• NSFW, pornographic or gory content is prohibited.
• Sharing private information about another person to another people is not allowed and will be refered to discord staff if the person wants to seek further assistance in the matter.
• Looking or trying to get a sexual relationship over our discord server is definitely not allowed.
• Disrespectfulness towards another person is strictly prohibited.
• Spamming text channels or screaming in a microphone is strictly prohibited.
• Advertising in the discord server or in members direct messages is strictly prohibited.
• All speaking in the discord must be in English.

Game Rules

• Failing to roleplay is strictly prohibited (doing something you wouldn’t do in real life or speaking out of character)
• You can only signify roleplay actions with either tools or e.g. -pushes-
• Comply with roleplay actions like -pushes-
• Roleplay with the resources on game (e.g. if there is no police online, don’t do criminal roleplays)
• Do not kill people without a reason behind it.
• Use the resources well in game (if ambulance service are on, no need to do just criminal roleplay, do some medical roleplays)
• Do not drive in an unrealistic way
• Exploiting is strictly prohibited on game and is self explanatory
• Stealing Emergency Service vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Staff Rules

• Admin abuse is strictly prohibited (excusable if its a paedophile)
• Staff actions must not be made based on personal grudges from another community.
• You can not also base staff actions on friendships or ranking. No one is excusable from rules.
• Staff cannot give out tools to people and are to advise someone to find them via dealers put round the server.
• Staff can make server announcements using :m but may not announce a police, ambulance or other call using admin.
• Staff that have been asked to deal with a situation and may be a conflict of interest must find another staff member to deal with the situation.