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Infantry Codex

Greetings, infantryman of Sovereign Infantry.This is the official codex and guideline handbook for all Infantry members, for them to study and follow in the group.

Contained in these document(s) are the following
The 10 Laws of the True Leader
The Chain of Command, the Rank Infrastructure
Miscellaneous tabs and information.

Please keep in mind that while some things may not be directly specified in this document, they are still to be followed if they are confirmed by an Officer.

Common sense rules should also be followed, we should not have to explain what we mean by that.
Thank you for your service.

This document has been shortened for easy reading.


Official Rules
Standardized rules that all members should be following at all times.

Law 1: Respect should be given to all members, regardless of their rank. Don’t be extremely toxic, be relaxed, and have fun. Make new friends, and show some comradeship in events and off duty.

Law 2: Refer to all officers as “Sir” or “Ma’am” dependent on their gender. Commandants should be referred to as “Lord” and the Sovereign Prince should be referred to as “Prince”.

Law 3: Humbleness. Don’t be over strict and over heated at events. We want to have maturity in events, but we also want you to have fun. This means no toxicity and no starting fights at any sort of event. Relax and focus on what’s going on.

Law 4: Laziness will not be tolerated whatsoever. If you cannot keep up with your duties and cannot do what is expected, you will be exiled on the spot. This is not a strict group, but you are asked and expected to take your responsibilities seriously.

Law 5: One of your main focuses must be Sovereign Infantry. We require a bit of focus on the group, while we are not asking for your full commitment it’s not going to be fair if you decide to join this clan and not be active after an Officers hard work. If you seem to have a problem with this, contact a Legionnaire and he/she will see what can be done.

Law 6: Representation of the Sovereign Infantry is important. Do not ruin the reputation you have created, if you wish to flame others, you must not be wearing our uniform at that time. You are allowed to joke around and have fun and attack other groups, but you shouldn’t be representing SI when you do so.

Law 7: Defending or raiding against Sovereign Infantry is treason. If the Infantry decides to raid a group you are in, you will have to choose a side. Going on the enemy side will lead to an immediate exile.

Law 8: Speaking in team-chat is required during raids and defenses. Even if bubble chat is the only form of communication.

Law 9: All soldiers within the infantry must never surrender or leave while during a raid or defense. Unless a high-ranking officer is given a valid reason for you leaving

Law 10: Negativity and a sign of hate will not be tolerated whatsoever. You should be helping your friends and members improve, and be constructive to their success and yours.


Rank Infrastructure
The hierarchy of the group, explained in paragraphs.

In the Sovereign Infantry, there are three categories of members - Infantry, Legionnaires, and Commandants.

Infantry serve as the front lines of defense and attack, and are the primary members of the group. They are mentored and trained by Legionnaire officers, who help mold them into better fighters, and eventually help them become officers just like themselves.

There are currently 5 Infantry ranks, and the final one, Infantry Knight, allows for members to take two paths - to either enlist in the Praetorian Guard, and become an elite swordsman, or become an officer in training, and eventually become a Legionnaire Centurion.

Legionnaires serve as the body of the group. Role models and dedicated personnel, Legionnaires show that Sovereign Infantry can be a fun experience for all. Legionnaires have expectations and responsibilities required of them, and while their tasks are quite daunting, the end result is worth it.

There are currently 4 Legionnaire ranks. Once a Legionnaire reaches the rank of Warlord, they’re expected to start using their microphone on Discord, and communicate through voice to members at events. At the rank of Admiral, Legionnaires are expected to start leading defenses and raids. (You are allowed to lead defenses/raids at any Legionnaire rank, but it is not a requirement till Admiral.)

Keep in mind that being a Legionnaire is one of the hardest jobs there are. Promotions do not come easy, and people might stay at Legionnaire Admiral or the rank they’re at for quite a while. To be promoted, it’s not just about hosting. There’s a lot more criteria than that.

Commandants are the backbone and infrastructure of the group. They oversee all members and make sure the group is progressing and the community flourishes. Commandants do ‘behind-the-scene’ work, and work with Prince DemonKnowledge the most.

Being a Commandant is the most difficult role and job of them all. Work is placed upon you to follow, and you are expected to be the symbol(s) of the clan.

At this time, more information is not specified or written about the Commandant’s jobs. However, you should know that all Commandants are addressed as Lord, and are treated with full respect when their presence is at an event.


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