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Attempting to find loopholes or secrets in these rules and abusing them will result in immediate exile.


Greetings, Legionnaire, Commandant, or maybe just an Infantryman that might be reading this document. You have stumbled onto the Sovereign Infantry Officer Guidelines, which contains the rules and basic framework for all officers of the Infantry.

The Officer Guidelines contain more than just hosting guidelines and your attitude. It teaches you how you should be acting in all different situations, how you should be representing Sovereign Infantry, and much more.

If you believed you were a capable enough officer, this document will challenge that judgement. Read on and see if you can still take on the same task of being a Legionnaire.

The Basic Necessities Of an Officer

Being an officer in Sovereign Infantry already shows the highest honor. You’re not free ranked and you worked hard to get to your position. Sword clans have a stereotype and mindset of not having any integrity or value in their high ranks. However, this is the opposite in our Infantry. Legionnaires have many tasks and responsibilities placed upon them to make sure they are fit to be an officer. Anyone can host defenses and raids, but can anyone have the necessities of an Officer? Read on and find out.

The Basic Necessities of an Officer
Externally Presenting Yourself

As a Legionnaire, you are representing Sovereign Infantry at all times, outside and inside the Infantry. Therefore, there are specific rules you must follow while being in other clans or being outside of the Infantry. Keep in mind this is not that hard to follow. At the end of the day it is a sword clan so you’re expected to have fun and have a good career.

THESE RULES ONLY APPLY WHILE ON-DUTY. However, Rule 1 applies all the time.

  • Do not attempt to flame others or be extremely toxic outside of Sovereign Infantry. You are representing our clan at all times and the reputation you create can hurt or benefit us too. It’s fine to get into debates sometimes but using racial slurs or extremely inappropriate remarks against other people defames our clan, and can lead to blacklist and exile from our community.

  • Do not act immature or aggressive to member of the Sovereign Infantry. You can have fun, play around in the off duty channels and even make jokes then and now. But keep your professionalism at all times and make sure you act as a role model to those who look up to you.

  • You should always be wearing the uniform while On-Duty. You are allowed to wear any hat you would like but you are not allowed to wear different heads (unless it’s Headless Head) or packages.

  • You should not be talking about officer matters or defaming our own community and talking badly about other members in the clan in other discords or in public servers.

The Basic Necessities of an Officer
Acting On duty

A major aspect of being an Officer rank is representing yourself. To do so, you must follow the community guidelines and rules at all times. You are a role model at this rank, to those below you. And if you wish to advance further, you must represent yourself as a role-model member of Sovereign Infantry more so than anyone else below you.


  • Follow the codex at all times, breaking any rule while committing yourself as an Officer rank will result in the loss of your rank and opportunity to succeed.

  • Treat others how you desire to be treated. With the utmost respect, maturity and cohesion. Communication is a major piece of being an Officer rank, as you are a decision maker for the clan. Be coherent and commutative with your fellow comrades.

  • In events that you are hosting, follow and implement the codex. You are helping your trainees and fellow community members to strive as amember of Sovereign Infantry.

  • In events that you are not hosting, represent yourself as an Officer, and follow the hosts rules and guidelines. Don’t be afraid to correct them if a mistake is maken, communication is key to a successful team.

The Basic Necessities of an Officer
Your Limits and freedoms

As an Officer, your power is granted to you within boundaries - and with that being said - it is not limitless. These certain rules will help you mandate and organize what you can and can’t do.

  • You cannot stir up arguments or question of what the high command has decided. Rebelling against the officer core and getting low ranks to join on your opinions is an offense.

  • You cannot join events and messing up the host and interfering with admin commands. It’s their event, you are not to do anything but participate or observe.

  • You may not promote, exile, demote, or give any special power to someone without any sort of permission from a Commandant that is valid and would make sense.

  • You may intervene between arguments and attempt to end it. You also may stop fights during events or toxicity, but you are not allowed to call out people during an event for no particular reason or any reason that might not be appropriate.

  • You may not treat a member or friend in a different way with any sort of friend-like or enemy-like bias.

  • You are given power to hold. Do not abuse it for personal gain.

The Basic Necessities of an Officer
A Guide To Hosting trainings

The training in any clan has the common goal of improving a soldier. As an Officer, it is your goal to take that construct to the next level. This is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully run an event. Schedule an event for a time that works for you. If nobody shows, wait or try again later. Remember to announce your events beforehand, so you and your trainees have time to prepare. The minimum amount of time a training can last is 30 minutes from the time you first started an event. Remember, you can host multiple events a day; just make sure you aren’t overlapping someone else’s planned training, raid, defense or community event.

I. Arrive at the facility prior to the time you specified for your event. This will give you time to mentally prepare, and plan what you are going to do. Making an event list with map-loading commands is recommended for organization. When your training begins, shout in the group communications. Note that once done, do the same.

II. Once you have enough trainees, make sure they are all focused and ready. Explain to them the rules of your training. Rules should be short, sweet and to the point.

III. Next, load your first event. Events should have a specified map, game mode, outscore and most importantly a purpose. Events range from slaughter-style TDM’s to teaching sessions, where you can teach the trainees tactics they may or may not know.

IV. Throughout the training make sure that you are enforcing rules, encouraging, teaching, giving pointers and running events fluently. Be fluent with your events from start to finish.

The Basic Necessities of an Officer

You will need to study this codex and apply the tools given to be a greater host, role model and Officer. Take these words of advice to heart, and you will be more than capable of contributing yourself as an Officer to the greater good of Sovereign Infantry.


Sovereign Infantry |: Infantry Codex

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