Space Game - How can I improve?

How can i improve my game?

So me and my friend made this game and although we get positive reviews, they’re from friends and obviously friends will say positive stuff even though it’s not and i have the feeling our game isn’t as good as they say so I decided to ask fellow developers on how can i improve my game so its fun for players.

Link: [Closed]🌌 Space disasters - Roblox

I’ve spent some time in the game and here’s a few things I want to note.

I believe the idea itself for the game is fine, but there’s not really a unique twist to the game and just feels like a updated version of survive the disasters.

Problem with the game itself would probably be the fact it isn’t continuous and you get sent back to the lobby after the disaster is done and over with, in the genre of the game it makes the game feel slowed down.

The other one is the fact that the rounds go on for WAY too long or that’s how I feel about it because the problem is the disasters presented do not pose a direct threat to you and they seem way too avoidable and pretty easy to dodge (especially the marsquake as I couldn’t figure out how to die in it?) And then you have some other ones I died in because I didn’t know how to avoid it, I believe it was the radiation one?

Of course the game is in BETA but I feel like there should of been more variety in disasters as in different kinds that are each unique. But I do have to admit the space aesthetic of different gravities are pretty unique.

Not only that but I feel the sound design is severely lacking as some sounds literally transport me back to the fact I could be playing survive the disasters instead due to the fact the sounds for some disasters are from that game as well.

The custom planet maps are unique, but with some disasters just copy and pastes of others and just renamed do not make each map distinct with their own style of difficulty?

I feel the maps themselves could be updated to look way better, that could just be me but I feel the maps are a bit rough around the edges and can be made really well, just not enough time and effort.

To end this review, the game itself is decent but there isn’t too much to make it unique and worth keep coming back and back again since the play style is too much of the same, especially having the same disasters multiple times in a row.

There is definitely heart and a place for this and I believe it could end up being great game but it just needs a lot more polishing and variety added to it before it can reach that point.

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This is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you mate for this detailed review. <3
We got some ideas on how to improve it and all thanks to you. Thank you again!

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