Spaceship Critique/Review



I hope I’m not the only fan on Killzone here! I created this ISA cruiser and I’d like either criticism, or general review.


[You can fly your avatar in the display game with “:fly”]
Link: Click > Cruiser

Appreciate it! Thanks.

Feedback on Lobby?

Tell us what is it for.


What it does is mentioned under game description, but he should’ve put it in post as well


I love it. I keep thinking the skybox is bricks, lol.

Happy birthday by the way!


Hello @BloodSpring,

Can I just say being a builder myself, how awesome that build is, you must have spent a while working on that and it sure paid off. It is that good that it reminds me very much of a star wars spaceship as a whole.


  • Add an inside section
  • Focus more on adding lighting effects, using light beams and work with the lighting in general, like colour correction etc

Tick lists:

  • Main ship model looks amazing
  • Good use of neon to fit the ship
  • Very detailed in every part of the ship

Personal feedback as a builder myself, it is an awesome build, very detailed, few things could be improved but are minor and still without them makes a great build. If I was you, I would work more with things that will make the ship look even more appealing, such as beams, lighting effects and colour correction.

Final thoughts:
Run threw the list I gave you and work on them, then it should look astonishing.

Little note:
Happy birthday!


I think it looks great, it’s detailed and the use of neon is just right so it’s not excessive.

Good job!

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Good! My only feedback would be to enhance the details on the top.
I feel like it doesn’t suit the rest of the spacecraft.

Overall, nice.

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This truly is Amazing. I really love it. The graphics are good as well. Didn’t join the game, but judging by screenshots.


i love the overall structure of the spaceship it has a good shape and very nice use of the neon effect
also the spaceship look’s really excellent and well designed

can’t really find any cons to it
so i’m really impressed by it