Spanish developers can be invited to RDC?


Spanish-speaking developers can also be invited in the future? Or are is it so already invited to Spanish developers?

I ask it because as Roblox recognize the Spanish YouTubers do i do not know if the same thing happens with the developers.

Although if I am sincere I would like someday when I have the opportunity to go to that conference, it is one of my new dreams!

The only thing is that I have to learn to speak more English because I know what I read but speaking it or writing it costs me a lot since I’m not good at languages. I use google translator a lot for that reason.


All developers are equal when it comes to invites. I’m Norwegian and I got invited last year (as a new member) and went to the actual event. Your nationality or language isn’t considered when inviting, but your contributions or importance of the community is. I’m 100% sure some Spanish developers attended last year.


I’m glad to know that. You’ve increased my excitement of some year to participate! Thanks for resolving the doubt. I am also glad to know that there is so much equality in that sense :smiley:


I mean, It would be cool if there was a Spanish RDC held in Madrid or something along with the London one. It saves a lot of us from flying and I think some of us would prefer a road trip.

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I live in some islands that are next to Spain and if the truth is that I find it difficult to go that far. I think a Spanish conference would be a great idea! It is perfect hopefully this idea could be made available to those in charge of the conferences.


Howdy’, next door neighbor.

I’m from Portugal, and I got invited. I’m sure that you too can be invited.


Thank you, for now I know it’s still early for that posivilidad but even so I know that someday I can have that opportunity. :smile:

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I mean, assuming that you come from Majorca for example, you could literally just get a ferry which is a cheaper and It won’t take that long…

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