Spare feedback for my game about utilizing specific glitches?

“What is this game’s deal exactly?”

The game (Unintentional Mobility), is about using glitches associated with (mostly) transport type gears to overcome obstacles designed with these glitches in mind (Or just doing super cool mobility tricks to impress your friends [Assuming you have any :^)]) There’s also gears in the game that compliment said transport type gears too (Like the Ghostwalker sword).

“I still do not understand”

Yeah words don’t really do this justice, so I will provide some visuals to help show you my killer mov- I mean, show you what I’m getting at:

“Cool moves, but can you please provide a link to your game?”

Sure, I’ll also provide a link to most of the instructions along with it:

“Why are most of the instructions somewhere else?”

They were originally in the game, but Roblox mods kept deleting it for some reason (They probably don’t like reading).

This is one of those games where I would heavily advise that you really take your time playing/understanding it, (Specially so given how amateurly it is thrown together) as being able to pull off the tricks I did in the videos takes “quite a bit of time” to learn. Alright, that is all, I look forward to your feedback no matter what side of the fence it’s on, and I hope you at the very least found my game to be… “Unique”. Thanks, you have yourself a great day/night.

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Give this man recognition for the love of god

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Late response but I appreciate your effort in trying to make this thread relevant.