Spartan Training Guide

Hello! My name is ( USERNAME ) I will be your Host for today, if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

Okay, without further ado let’s start.

I will now go over the rules, please do not talk over me as it is rude and may cause distraction to others.

R 1 No swearing.

R 2 No Bypassing the chat filter in any kind of way.

R 3 No Exploiting.

R 4 No talking over anybody.

R 5 No glitching.

R 6 No abusing caps.

Now we’re finished with that, you may have noticed that I’ve gone and named you all into 3 groups, A B and C, you will also see that I have 3 Trainers that are called, Trainer A Trainer B and Trainer C.

Please find the correct trainer for you.

Good luck!


Hello, I am your trainer for today, before we begin do you have any questions that weren’t answered before?

Okay, now we may start.

You will be given a strike to your name every time you do an activity correctly.
You must have 2 strikes to pass.

Please go behind the counter and when I come near you please state your greeting.

Some wonderful greetings!

We’re now going to go over the warning format, like normal it’s W1 - Reason maximum warnings is 3 and at the limit you call a HR, this can be done by posting on the wall “HR needed in my server”

As this is a training server you just need to say “Calls HR” or anything along them lines.

Did anyone not understand that as it is vital to know as we are going to be needing to know that in this test.

Now we’re moving onto the trolling test, my helpers will be trolling and you must punish them correctly.

After this the host will see if the user has passed, then rank the user.