Spawn Forcefield - Particles

Is there an existing way to edit the effect of forcefield upon spawn? I have my own particle-forcefield which I want to apply but I fail to find a way through.

In the desired spawn point where your players spawn in, head over to the properties window and change the property below to be 0.

Great job! Now you’ve disabled the forcefield created on the player upon spawn. Now that that’s out of the way, you can set up a player.CharacterAdded event and insert the code for your own epic custom force field! Good luck with your project! :wink:

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Gotcha! Thanks a lot :smiley:

You too :wink:

Forcefields have a Visible property that determines if the default particles are enabled. Additionally, the documentation comes with code that you can use or reference in order to create your own particle effects as well. You can just use what’s here.

I don’t really recommend setting duration to 0 and creating a custom forcefield system just for particle effects unless your custom forcefield system ties in better with your systems which are more preferable than Roblox’s built-in forcefield. For the average game, forcefields will serve most use cases and so you can just build upon what’s native in the engine.

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