Spawn Function Tweening issue

Hello Developers!. For my Wac-A-Mole minigame I have encountered an issue, Basically I need a few tweens to play at once so the game isnt super easy. I decided to use the spawn () function on Roblox however it created a weird issue.The second tween that brings the models back up just does not happen. Adding a wait (1) helps but then using spawn is useless

GIF Without Spawn:

GIF With

--Small Portion of function
local Tween1 = TweenService:Create(mainpart,tInfo,goals)
local Tween2 = TweenService:Create(mainpart,tInfo,Goals2)
	Tween1:Play ()
	Tween1.Completed:Wait ()
	Tween2:Play ()
	Tween2.Completed:Wait ()


local Tweens = workspace.Tweens:GetChildren()
		local amountOfTweens = #Tweens
	     for i = 1,180 do			
		local Randomizer = math.random(1,amountOfTweens)
			local RandomDiglett = Tweens [Randomizer]
			spawn (function() DiglettTween(RandomDiglett) end)