Spawn pads not working

Hi, so I have these spawn pads and they aren’t working like any team can spawn anywhere and the team I am setting it as Civilian as auto assignable and it spawns me as HQ, I tried changing the name but the same error, even if I remove the HQ team it spawns me as another team. I linked them and made new spawn pads too. I am thinking a script is interfering with them.

Can you please show the team color of both the spawnlocation and the Team objects?

Yea sure

for _,v in pairs(game:GetService("Teams"):GetTeams()) do 
 if v.TeamColor =="Smoky grey") then print(v) end end

Can you run this and share the output?

Like a script or in an output?

Could SpawnLocation.Neutral be interfering with it? This is just a guess.

In a script or in the Run Command line. Either would do.

Alright let me try that and the neutral option, they aren’t neutral.

Same error but I think to fix it is to make Civilian spawn first not HQ or any other team (if I delete HQ) and Civilian it is auto-assignable

Can you please show what output was visible?

The teams and spawns are all different colors correct?

That is what I suspect the issue is.

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No I linked them with the same team colour.

What we’re asking is, are all of your teams, a different, unique color.

Yes obviously. I need to write some more characters to send so yea

What scripts do you believe are interfering with teams? Could you list them?

I really don’t know because I have lots of them. My acs is also in another map but it doesn’t interfere.

Does any script give teams based on group rank? If so, could it be that you’re being ranked from your rank in the linked group?

No I don’t have any linked group