SPAWN STUFF (Finished!)


My current project is finally finished! As there are still some bugs(not intetional ones…), this project took me about 4 weeks to finish!

This has a logo!

The game is available to all devices!
Feedback is needed to make the game better!

Yellow Sparkles Effect
32 Walkspeed
Yellow Light
450 Maximum Health

There are about 30+ events! I will make more updates soon!

Credits to people helping or involved!

kangerujack for the npc’s included in the game!
RedHeadStack0 for the Game Icon(s)
Vips_789 for being a big fan of the game!
houston829(main account) for scripting

Here are some screenshots, they were taken in-game aswell!

While the game may be chaotic, the whole point is to enjoy it!
There are also placeholder gamepasses, like donations, they are a placeholder for upcoming gamepasses!

Link to the game! - Spawn Stuff - Roblox

Here are the icons!

Alright, sorry for stuffing this into your face… I got kinda excited there!
Anyways make sure you play and send me feedback in the comments!

Cheers :wink:


i am going to play this right now. i look forward to this :grinning:

Haha! I just checked it out! Good job! It’s very chaotic like you said. Seems fun to play!


This seems like a very original idea. It’s one I’ve personally never seen on the platform before (so expect copies if it gets popular), and if it’s done right it could be a lot of fun.

All it’s missing at this point is variety in the spawned objects. Consider allowing it to spawn gear and/or large environments as well as increasing the spawn range for a bit of “exploration”. As it is with Survive the Disasters games and most other genres with manually designed events, it’ll always get better with more scenarios.

Game is interesting there is so much stuff to spawn and i like the idea of the game

I really like your game! The only thing I may find, is that you put in NPC’s labelled, ‘American’. Americans with guns specifically, shooting you?

thats yellow mustang npcs basically yes

too original

Haha, thanks, that is one major problem i am trying to figure out… I need the objects to spawn further away!