Spawn Stuff Lobby Opinion


I’m currently working on Update 2 for Spawn stuff! I’m not a very good builder but i think it looks decent!

I wanted to make a new Lobby or “Bunker”, so i wanted it to fit with the regular theme that I’m going for (Nature Theme or Basic Theme).

I wanted to know if you would like it to be added into the game for Update 2! You may also share your personal thoughts about this Lobby, and shar what you think should be changed!

Here is an image of the new Lobby!


Share feedback and what you think about this!

Cheers! :grin:


Its look great but I suggested add some grass

Looks great maybe add some small stone’s around and if it’s a mine shaft and some wood surport and a minecart but other then that good job.

Yup, the new Roblox Grass, if you want to find it it’s on the Roblox Official Instagram page.