Speak your native language


-Turkish: As bayrakları as!

-English: Hang the flags!


Norwegian: Hvem av dere skal til Roblox Utvikler Konferansen i Amsterdam?
English: Which of you are going to the Roblox Developer Conference in Amsterdam.


English: hello fellow developer forum members
English: hello fellow developer forum members


Amazing, how do you know such fluent english? This person beats everybody in this thread. /s


Привет! как дела?

I wish Russian was my native language, but I did do 3 years of Russian class… y dos años de clase de Español.

(I’m a native English speaker)



English: Considering Japanese is just a side language and English is my native, it would be quite boring to just speak English twice.

edit: I am nowhere near fluent and I had to get help from my Sempai to help me with this lol.

edit 2: sempai means teacher you scrubs kind people


Er ikke det tegnet vi bruker i ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emojien?

English: Isn’t that the letter we use in the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji?


Привет Ареско!






Finnish: Torilla tavataan! Tortillat avataan!
English: Let’s meet at the Market Square! Let’s open the tortillas!


American: Let’s eat some burgers.
English: Let’s have some food.


Ich bin Amerikaner, aber ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen. Wer kommt hier aus Deutschland?
(I am American, but I also speak German. Who here is from Germany?)

  • Ich spreche Deutsch
  • Ich spreche kein Deutsch (I do not speak German)

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Хорошо, товарищ!

I speak English and German, I’m starting Russian soon. I’ve just picked up a little so far.


Hallo, Nederlands is mijn moedertaal, maar…

Je parle une peux Francais.

Ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen.

Or is English more your thing?


Husk å legge til en oversettelse.
English: Remember to include a translation.


Turkish: Tabi lan! Herkese selamlar :slight_smile:

English: Yeah dude! Greetings everyone :slight_smile:


Indonesian: Halo semuanya! Siapa disini yang bisa berbicara menggunakan bahasa Indonesia!?

English: Hello everyone! Who here can speak using Indonesian language!?


Native language: Hello!
English: Hello!


You speak a little French. uwu