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Made an interesting poll to see who that has English as primary language and who that doesn’t.

  • English is my primary language.
  • English is not my primary language.

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Hvem her bruker localization i spillene sine?

English: Who here uses localization in their games?

  • I use localization
  • I am planning to use localization
  • I do not use localization

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Russian: Всем привет!
Englush: Hi everyone!


Norwegian: God morgen. Hvordan har du det?
English: Good morning. How are you?


Hoeveel mense is hier van Suid-Afrika? Of kan Afrikaans praat?
(How many people here are from South Africa? Or can speak Afrikaans?)

  • From South Africa and/or Can Speak Afrikaans
  • Not From South Africa and/or Can’t Speak Afrikaans

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Hong Kong Cantonese (Traditional Chinese): 大家好, 我嚟自香港 :grinning:
English: Hi everyone, I come from Hong Kong :grinning:

Btw this is obviously google translate :joy:


Serbian: Pozdrav svima! Ja dolazim iz Srbije!
English: Hello everyone! I am coming from Serbia!


Swedish: Hej, allihopa!
English: Hello, everybody!


Goedendag, hoe gaat het?

Good day, how are you?


Brazil: Olá, sou brasileiro, meu nome é GRIPPERTV, tudo bem com você?
English: Hello, I’m Brazilian, my name is GRIPPERTV, how are you?


French: Même si je suis Américain, l’anglais n’est pas la seule langue que j’utilise.

English: Despite me being American, English isn’t the only language I use.


Hungarian: Sziasztok! Imádok angolt tanulni, lehet jobban is szeretem, mint az anyanyelvemet.

English: Hello! I love to learn english, I probably love it more than I do my mother tounge.

Bonus german that I started learning 2 years ago:

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber ich liebe Deutsch lernen. [not sure if I got it correct, sorry germans]


Indonesian: Halo, semuanya! Saya dari Indonesia.

English: Hello, everyone! I’m from Indonesia.


Picked out the weirdest sentence (in my opinion) :stuck_out_tongue:
Just look at those vowel combinations!

Estonian: Kuuuurijate töööö jäääärel.
English: Moon researchers’ work-night at the edge of the ice.


English: Good day, how are you?
Bulgarian: Добър ден, как сте?


English: Hello! How are you?
French: Bonjour, comment vas-tu?
Arabic: مرحبًا، كيف حالك؟

Lebanese: مرحبًا, ca va?


Salutări din România! :wave:

Greetings from Romania! :wave:


01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011

Hello humans!


Finnish: Voi ei, tekoäly on ottanut vallan! Juoskaa!!!

English: Oh no, Artificial Intelligence has taken control! Run!!!


La leche trae calcio y es buena para tu cuerpo mucho sis is senor (?