Speak your native language


Dutch: Ik hou van jou. <3
English: I love you. <3


Danish: Kartofler er det mest fantastiske mad i verden <3

English: Potatoes are the most fantastic food in the world <3


Norway: Vafler er veldig godt heh :smile:

English: Waffles is very good heh :smile:


Arabic: مرحبا
English: Welcome!


Polish: Ale ziemniaki lepsze
English: But Potatoes are better


Norwegian: Nei, vafler er bedre.
English: No, Waffles are better.


Catalan: Qui vol una magdalena?
English: Who wants a muffin?


Norwegian: Jeg vil gjerne ha en muffins.
English: I’d love to have a muffin.


Acehnese: Lon jeut bahsa Acèh, bacut bacut.
Indonesian: Saya bisa berbahasa Aceh, sedikit sedikit.
English: I can speak Acehnese, a little bit.

French: Actuellement, j’apprends le français. Mais, je suis indonésien.
English: Currently, I’m learning French. But I’m Indonesian.


Somali: Khuf cali ma jiru oo inta foolo af kaay hatlu.
English: There’s no one else on here who speaks my language. :frowning:


Polish: Na pewno ktoś się znajdzie :slight_smile:
English: I’m sure there’s someone who does :slight_smile:


Norwegian: Hei! Jeg kjeder meg veldig nå.
English: Hello! I’m really bored now.


Dutch: ik Ben benieuwt voor rdc 2019
Eng: i am curious for rdc 2019


Polish: Ja również.
English: Me too.


English: Hi, my favorite color is blue.

English: Hi, my favourite colour is blue.

(ahahaha, yes, I live in Canada. LOL)