Speak your native language


مرحبا اسمي سليبان

english: Hi my name is Saleeban


I have have been learning French for the past 10 years!

French: J’apprends le français depuis 10 ans!


Je ne peux pas attendre pour RDC 2019


Quelqu’un d’autre dans ce fil peut-il parler français?


Polski: O, w końcu ożył ten post.
English: Oh, it’s finally getting lively here.


French: Moi ouai je parle français!

English: Yes me I speak french!


Hi, ako ngayan he Flecco, kun dere kaman maaram tak pinanyayakan yana, usa ngay an ako nga waraynon ngadi ha Pilipinas. Bag-o pala ako dinhi, ngan tak kailangan la ngadi inin na komunidad kay it iyo respeto, damo nga salamat.

English: Hi, by the way I am Flecco, if you don’t understand what I am talking about right now, I am one of those who speak Waray here in the Philippines. I am just new here and all I need in this community is your respect. Thank you very much.


Oh oui c’est très gentil!


Norwegian: Pass på at dere inkluderer en engelsk oversettelse.
English: Make sure you include an English translation.

@SBTechh @Neutre




Eu queria saber se tem mais algum brasileiro.


Norwegian: Er litt overrasket at jeg må allerede repetere meg selv. Legg til en oversetelse…
English: I’m a bit surprised that I already have to repeat myself. Make sure to include a translation.


english: Hi there, how are you?
français: Salut, Comment vas-tu?
Italian: Ciao, come stai?

both are my native <:


Dutch: Breng mij meer kip
English: Bring me more chicken



Italian: Ciao persone
English: Hello people




we un altro devforumaro


Polish: Proszę tego przestrzegaj…
English: Please follow this rule…


English: How ya’ll doing today?


Hi all!
¡Hola a todos!