Speak your native language


Ouais, c’est moi. Je parle un peu française. Enchanté.

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Norwegian: Det begynner å bli frustrerende hvor mange ganger folk ikke legger til oversettelse. Vær snill å gjør det hvis ikke må jeg rapportere det inn for off-topic.
English: It’s getting frustrating how many times people doesn’t include a translation. Please do so or I will start flagging for off-topic.

@Gagou_Bloxxer @slothfulGuy

Important notice: Don’t take me wrong, I love the increase of interest but this is getting out of control.


English: Boy do I love speaking english!

English: Boy do I love speaking english!

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Please at least follow the format or I’ll have to flag the post for staff attention.

To everyone:
I get it, a lot of you speak English but the joke is getting old and isn’t that funny anymore. It’s been used several times now.


Greek: Καλησπέρα παιδιά πώς πάει;

EnglishI: Hey guys how is it going?

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ASCII : 073 032 100 105 100 110 116 032 108 101 116 032 117 032 116 111 032 099 111 110 118 101 114 116 032 116 104 097 116 013 010

English : Where is my artificial intelligence friend?


Moi aussi! :slight_smile:

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PL: Czy mógłbyś PROSZĘ przystosować się do tej zasady?
ENG: Could you PLEASE follow the rule here?

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Italian: sono felice di non essere l’unico italiano nel devforum!
English: I’m happy I’m not the only Italian here on the devforum!

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Portuguese: É bom estar de volta… :slight_smile:
Engish: It’s good to be back.

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Romanian: Salut! Vreau sa stiu cati dintre voi sunt developeri aici la roblox ^-^
English: Hello! I want to know how many of you are developers here at roblox ^-^

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PL: No z tego co nam nazwa forum pokazuje to raczej wszyscy powinni być deweloperami…
ENG: Since the name of the forum suggests that it’s for developers it’s obvious that everyone here is…


Romanian: Si eu sunt roman :slight_smile:
English: I am romanian too :slight_smile:

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English (UK): Can I borrow your rubber?
English (US): Can I borrow your eraser?

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print("Native \"language,\" you say?")

English: Native “language,” you say?


Turkish: Çok hoş bir başlık.
English: This is a nice topic.


Français: Je suis un Canadien français, mais je parle aussi anglais.
English: I am a French Canadian but I also speak English.



Your native language: Estonian

:uk: English: Hello, I’m a salad! :uk:

:estonia: Estonian: Tere! Ma olen salat! :estonia:

Ma olen väga väsinud…


Korean: 안녕하세요 반가워요

English: Hello, nice to meet you


Polish: Cześć, jak się masz?
English: hello, how are you?

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