Specific running animation not replicating to other clients

So I’m using a custom character in my game; and so I need custom animations. The animations all work flawlessly, and so do the character rigs. I copied & pasted the default Animate script, and tweaked it a little to have my custom animations as well as a couple extra features. (I did not change anything to do with the way animations are played)

The issue is, the running animation specifically doesn’t replicate. All other animations on every character/skin work perfectly fine. The running animation however, works, but doesn’t replicate to other clients.

When using a local script and it’s controlled by a player:

When using a server script and it’s an NPC/Bot:

Code: https://paste.ofcode.org/v9m6cqYi5DCSuXifTbZDVw

I have been trying my best to debug as much as I can, but to no avail, since I simply have no idea what could be causing this.

This could be because the script is a localscript. When FilteringEnabled was added, localscripts could only affect one client. To work around this, you would need to make a RemoteFunction, or RemoteEvent.

I was also told multiple times & read in multiple posts that Animations replicate automatically, so I wouldn’t think it being a local script is the issue. Seeing the server-side example, where the animations are controlled by a server script, and it still has the same issue. It’s also odd because the running animation is the only one not functioning properly. I tried to replace the running animation id with another one that was functioning, and it still didn’t work. So the issue is not the animation, but either the script itself, or possibly some other technical issue (?).

Try replacing an existing, working animation with the animation that isn’t working.

Uhm, I did, and it didn’t work.

I’m not sure that I can help you with the script , but I think this information on the Developer Hub will be useful for you.