Specifically sizing or moving something 1 increment

Hey so I was wondering if there was a keybind or tip to drag something with size or the movement arrows to only move one increment.

Example being when u use a very small increment (such as 0.1) and then try to drag 0.1 its very hard to move large things exactly 0.1 despite that being your increment. Sometimes it goes over to 0.2 and u have to carefully drag it multiple times before u can get it right. Is there anyway I can make it easier to drag that small increment? thanks.

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I don’t think there’s a button for that, and I don’t think they will add one because it would take up 6 keys to be able to move parts in every direction.

There are some workarounds, for example, if you move very close to the object (but let’s say its centre point is still too far away), you can press TAB while your mouse is on the object, and it will move the positioning arrows close to your mouse.
Or another way, if you’re moving a really big object and you can’t get close to use the previous method, you can set your Move Grid to 100 and move it, then set it back to 99.9 and move it backwards. That way it only moves 0.1 but it’s easier to drag as it’s a much larger scale.

I hope I could help


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