Spectate and GUI's

I use spectate in all my games using the player camera. However, my new game is GUI based - does anyone know a method that enables you to see a player’s GUI?

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You can clone all of the gui’s of the player who is spectating - but it won’t update.
Maybe you can do something with the controls of the player happening in a screengui (like clicking an (invisible) button, and make all of the movements in the gui on a surfacegui, and then set the camera to that surfacegui. But no, there isn’t an easy method I think.

Thx Boele - i like your suggestion but i think it would cause a massive drain on memory due to the type of game, @whatul00king_at - i think maybe you misread my post? - Yes there are tons of videos on how to make a tutorial GUI which is pretty simple, but my question relates to viewing what another player can see on his screen in terms of GUI’s as opposed to his camera view

A bit of a late post, but what you also can do is set the viewing players in 1 team with the ‘playing’ player, invoke all server to client calls to every member in the team (also include the playing player as an argument), and then update the gui’s and disable all buttons for non-playing players? I hope this is clear now and I think this will be less of a memory drain