Speed A' Light - Update Log (1.8)


Version 1.8 Halloween

  • Added Hallow Bootcamp 2 [MAP]
  • Added Pumpreapers Revenge [MAP]
  • Added Crossroads [MAP]
  • Added Scireaper [BOSS]
    (Only can be fought on Shootout)
  • Added Pumpkinbot [MOB]
  • Added Weapons
    (SawMG, Assault Rifle, Lever Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Machine Pistol, Flame Sickle)
  • Added Hats
    (Spectral Hammer, Necromancer Cloak, Luminous Hair, Reaper Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Ghost Cloak, Witch Hat, Red Flaming Eye, Right Magma Shoe, Left Magma Shoe, Right Magma Glove, Left Magma Glove, Magma Vest, Magma Pumpkin :Halloween/Normal: Right Super Shoe, Left Super Shoe, Right Glove, Left Glove, Right Drip Shoe, Left Drip Shoe)
  • Boss Gamemode
  • Battle Update
    (Gun Update, Random Weapons, Fixed Weapon Deleting, Buffed Melee Weapons)
  • Map Settings Update
  • Aloft Lane Update
  • Main Menu Update
  • Extra Hats Change
    (+6 slots instead of +4)
  • Halloween Lobby & Map Reskins
  • Emotes
    (/e twister, /e err0r, /e flips, /e fakedead, /e headjuggle, /e yousawthiscoming, /e toby, /e Xd, /e spoop)
  • Bullpup Sniper Rifle Animations Revamp


  • Added Melee Brawl [MODE]
  • Added Shootout [MODE]
    (A separation from guns & melees in battle mode)
  • Empyrean Update
  • Main Menu Fixes
  • Highway District BGM Change


  • Added Minigun [WEAP]
  • Added Minigun Ammo [COLLECT]
    (chance drop by pumpkinbots)


  • Added VIP Gamepass
    (combination of 2x EXP, Extra Hats & Custom LBGM)
  • Fixed Flame Sickle Ignite
  • Mapkit Update
    (Added Max Timelimit Setting)

Early halloween, perhaps. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ