Speedrun in a Police Raid!

I’ve made a fun short development game called “Police Raid Speedrun!” which will later been added in to my next development!
Link here!
Also the fun part, I uses discord webhook so it tells you the time you’ve made on the speedrun. I’ve only maded about 30 :rofl:

Since I havent test out a lot. I need you guys to help test it out.

I’ll check the result!
Example of a finished map:

Thanks for reading

What development will this be used for? I like the concept, however try using original models.

I like the concept but I believe most of this is free models (correct me if im wrong)

also enemy does way too much damage

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I used a free model and modified it in a way I wanted it. I’ll later do some of my own models! (sorry :frowning: )
Also the reason is that i want the game to be realistic. Example that you cant survive a 4 shots of bullets!

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I’ll later make a multiplayer game using this. Since this is a short development. Most of the free models are used. However, I’ll try to modify it!

Seems nice, but perhaps you should make it so that the NPC’s can NOT kill each other, I tried the game out and died while witnessing a murder from another NPC.

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Thanks for the info, i’ll look into there. Also, i’ll be adding a random spawn on a NPC so it can get harder!

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