Sphere's don't stop moving?

hello, I’m interested in making some sort of game using spheres and giving them velocity so they roll, but I’m not sure how this will work because it seems that roblox spheres are unaffected by friction, so they won’t stop rolling and that is a huge factor in the gameplay. I could use a sphere and do something to it to make it look like a ball i guess but I’m wondering if theres any other options i could use

if they are on flat ground as in perfect 180 degree angle flat it wont lose speed. You need to create a wall or something block it off.

Another thing could be that its massless and has custom physical properties (If you may or may not be using free models.)

that seems very wierd to me, considering when I do the exact same thing for a box there is friction and it does slow down. Get’s you thinking how wierd roblox’s physics work