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What does it do?

SPlugin inserts a script with the information set into the textboxes, etc. toolbar name, plugin button name, plugin description, decal id and a widget (if you select the option).


I wanted to make this just to make it somewhat easier to make plugins, even though all it does is a few lines, I was inspired by @GamersInternational with their donation button plugin and their disable core gui plugins, even though they were very simple, they were quite useful. I’ve followed the same concept, my plugin is simple, but useful.

:warning: Please note that this plugin has no update schedule. There may be long periods of time where there are no updates. :warning:

Is it safe?

Yes, this isn’t a virus just because it requires script injection for it to work, that’s just so it can create the script.


  • v0.9.2b

Constructive criticism is appreciated!


I consider it a very useful tool. It deserves to receive popularity!


Thanks for the kind words! Makes me motivated to keep updating! :heart:

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Can you please provide some in-post screenshots of the plugin working?

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Hi, its still in its early stages, but I think that plugin has A LOT of potential ! I would also be happy to contribute in any way if possible !

Post Scriptum :

He sent a demo

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I said “in-post”. All the plugin does is insert a script (according to the demo), which could have been easily explained in the post body.

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If it only inserts a script, then couldn’t you just publish it as a script instead of an entire plugin @Vlaskoz?

Because it not only contains one script I think

It’ll do more than this soon. :wink: It’ll be able to customize the names through the widget, however as I said, this is currently in alpha.

I see, I have no doubt this will be very helpful in the future!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will try and update the post to contain such information.
Edit: I’ve updated the post to contain the information.

Say hello to v0.3.1a!

Hello, I’d like to announce the next version of SPlugin that comes with a small improvement.


  • Added debounce to the createButton module.
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Say hello to v0.4.5a!


  • Added two options for creating plugins!
See here!

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Hey, @GamersInternational not only are your plugins useful but are influencing others to make plugins of their own, kudos to you!

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This plugin is going along pretty well! It looks great so far, will there be an option to be a widget plugin?


Thanks for the idea! I’ll be adding this to my upcoming features list!

Say hello to v0.5.5a!


  • Added the final options to create plugins!
See here!

Say hello to v0.7.0b!

SPlugin is now in the beta stage! :partying_face:


  • Added an option to create a widget plugin! (thanks to @GamersInternational for suggesting this!)
  • Added a new folder the plugin will come in, with the plugin name you insert into the textbox!
  • Added a modules folder in the new folder the plugin will come in!

I am sorry for the long wait on this!

See here!


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a plugin to make a plugin…BOOM

Mhm, a plugin to make a plugin is an easy way to describe it.