Sponsored games exploit?

I’m not really sure what’s happening as I’m not completely familiar with this feature, (I can’t view the blog page for it for some reason honestly) but this is pretty weird. A lot of these games that are getting sponsored are either your typical tycoons, old places, or outright fresh games that seems like they were made 10 seconds ago. I’m not trying to berate these games’ quality or anything, in fact, I like Doomspire and a lot of tycoons. It just feels off to me that a map made a while ago (with slight updates but nothing as major as Pizza Place) and a place that still has “User’s place number: X” as its game title are currently being sponsored…

Here is the thread that introduced this feature:


Basically you pay R$ to have a chance to get your game into one of these spots every time the page is served to players, similar to user ads. ROBLOX does not curate their quality like the Featured sort, it’s literally just advertisements for games.

And here’s the wiki page:


I had no idea man :stuck_out_tongue:

How many robux do people put into these native ads usually?

Honestly I have no clue, but if people are spending it on places called “User’s place number: X” and you are seeing these often, it can’t be that much (yet).

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