Sponsoring game on computer and phone

I tried to make sponsor just to see how many robux I should bid,I noticed that if I select computer and phone on the sponsor it just say promoted on phone even If I selected the computer too

like hown much robux do u ahve right now?

I wanted to bin 800 robux,I think its enough it say that it can make 1mln impressions

That’s barely enough to make 100K-200K impressions, on a good day.

In addition, let’s asume you have a 0.9% CTR for your sponsors (the average for good but not over-the-top icons); 200,000 x 0.009 = 1800 clicks

On top of that, let’s assume you have a whopping 25% play-button click rate. Now, we have 450 clicks; you are paying 800 R$ for 450 clicks, so make it count.

I tell people this all the time: HOLD OFF ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS!
Make sure your game is solid and polished as could be. Get people on the DevForum to review it first before posting it for a sponsor.

I’ve had games get popular overnight without any prior sponsorships. These include:

  • No-Scope Sniping (from 0 active to 5.8K overnight)
  • Pistol 1v1 (from 1-2 active to 80 overnight)
  • Infinite Autocorrect (from 0-1 active to 3K overnight)
  • One-Shot Insanity (from 2-5 active to 3.5K overnight)
  • Default Dance Simulator (from 0 active to 3K overnight, but lost all players the next day XD)

The message I’m trying to convey is just to focus on the game, THEN the sponsorship. You don’t even have to sponsor, but it does help in some cases. If you sponsor AND your game is solid, those 450 plays could turn into a front-page game in no time :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think that you should bid more robux if you really want to get people to play your game but I have some other solutions written. NOTE: This is copy and paste from another post I made on the devforum:
Engagement with players
You should get the players to engage with your game. You want to get a lot of likes, favourites and visits to really bring your game out there. You could put in the description to like and favourite. READ: One way you can do that is to get your friends to just help you like and favourite, so that when people see the number of likes, they will want to play your game.

Getting your game on the front page
I’m not some expert in this as I never has any front page games(in fact I only have one game), but there are some methods that are highly recommended by people. I will be covering two aspects: Free and Paid.
Free: An easy way to do this is to blast it out on your socials. It could be on Instagram, Twitter etc.
You can also use discord and dm your people that you know and tell them about your game. DON’T dm random people in mutual servers and tell them to come to your game as they may leave a dislike on your game out of anger and spite because some people don’t like others randomly messaging them to advertise. Another way to do this is to something like what was mentioned above. Tell your friends about your game, then get them to put it on their socials and dm their friends, you can even tell them to tell their friends to tell their other friends about your game to get even more exposure! You should seek your friends permission and make sure they’re willing to do it. Don’t force them into doing it for you.
Paid: An obvious way to do this will be to do advertisements and sponsorships so that people can know about your game. For me, I click on advertisements more but it’s just a personal preference and it’s up to you which one you want to do but I recommend doing both. If you are doing advertisements, then you should definitely make sure the banner is colourful and is attractive but most importantly, something that describes your game.
BEST WAY READ: This is a very good way of getting players to play your game and know about your game. Content creators. Basically, youtubers. This is one of the best ways because once they make a video on your game. These youtubers have created a loyal fanbase and your game(if the youtuber is famous enough), could go viral! It’s good to get people who are constantly on the trending page for gaming so that other people too can find out about the game.

Here is the link to that topic if you want to see some other solutions:


So are 800rs enough?I dont wanna spend more on robux

I don’t really get your question, but if you want to know which device you should sponsor it on then go to the game and check the game’s stats. If you want more revenue, check where you get the most revenue from, then put it as sponsor for that device.

Otherwise if you want more time spent on your game, check what devices that plays the game most and plays it for a while.


And if I use both ways?I think that spending 800rs on ads and blasting the game on social and friends would be a good way


That would be amazing! You could potentially get tons of players, however, my advice is that you save the 800 robux for future development because 800 robux isn’t a lot to advertise and you can use that robux as a last resort, if the methods above don’t work.


I think the context of your question is you asking “is 800 enough to make a difference?”
I don’t have a linear answer for this.

I want to stress this idea. Think about it this way: 800 :robux_light: will be enough only if your game can keep people interested. Rather than seeing the direct value of your money, think ahead for the consequences. Wait for your game to be 100% as good as it could be, THEN sponsor it. Doing an advertisement or sponsor when the game is unstable or not fun could result in your 800 :robux_light: being wasted.

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