Spooky update to my game! what do you think about it?

Hello developers!
Today i wanted to share new update for the game im working you! hope you guys like it and feedback on the update/game is also accepted. Thanks!
Game link and update log

Update log
-Added halloween update! have fun with halloween spirit!
-Added reset button
-removed skip stage gamepass
-Added halloween event
-Revamped lobby with halloween style
-Added halloween badge event
-Added halloween bucket special reward (LIMITED TIME)

I’m going to repeatedly edit this to add things I think could be improved.

The game thumbnail being a game icon looks really awkward. Try making an extended version of the game icon so it at least fits.

The teleporting to the halloween event is a bit weird too, since you appear in the air. The floating signs also could be improved.

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what is wrong about the floating signs?

The transparency seems a bit weird, the text colors and font look really basic and, yeah, stuff like that.

how would you do it then? i didnt mean to make the text something extravagant. regarding the transparenty its 0.3 so its not really that dark

It doesn’t have to be

I think it’s just a bit plain, everything being the default. This is my criticism, you do not have to take it.