SPRING UPDATE! - The Haven Tycoon Remastered!


Yea yea ik i said this update wouldn’t be much but oh well… shush


  • Sword skills! Each sword now has a unique skill to help with fighting. These abilites can be used with others to easily defeat enemies!
  • PvP! Fight against players! PVP is now enabled for all players in certian areas of the map (fountains)! Im hoping to expand this feature soon to have events etc!
  • New quest! A new PERMENANT quest is now availible! Talk to the OofMcBlocks420 to complete 5 new quests, ranging from easy to incredibly hard… i mean time consuming! :slight_smile:
  • Multiple box opening! You guys have been asking and I dilivered… for a price! Upon purchasing the “Multi Open” in the featured shop. Clicking the “open multiple button” on a box will open all of that box at once! (Though it will only show one.) BEWARE! If you have alot of boxes 100+ this may cause lag. Thus only 100 boxes can be opened at a time.
  • New super OP box! Join from April 5th to April 7th and get a FREE turd box! 100% chance for legendary items only!!
  • New badges! Since litterly every badge has already been obtained I decided to add new ones with much more extreme requirements and rewards!
  • Sword effects! Enhance your weapons with new effects such as Flame, Freeze and more + purchase the new limited time “Robux” effect in the effects shop for 800 robux!
  • Master Enchanter! Enchanct your weapons from a mistirious creature near the corner of the map with magical powers… Each enchant costs a price though!
  • Starter pack! For the first 48 hours after a player joins after the update they will have the ability to purchase this pack for 800 robux which gives 75 shards of life, 250 gems, 3 rare boxes and $100K!


  • Lucky quest is no more! The chances for lucky charms has been reduced greatly, the NPC has gone, the prices for items have been increased and put in the shop gui. (Lucky clovers and lucky zombies are still in the game just more rare.) If you where on a lucky quest you will be given its rewards regardless if you where close to completing it or not.
  • UI updates! Consumable popup moved, lucky items now in the shop and cooldowns now shown for consumables!
  • Various quality of life and balancing changes. This includes reworked consumable cooldowns, the saving of the tips setting and your chat tag and reworks to certian consumables! (Specificly forcefieldus, gods light, gods rain and nuclear explosion!)
  • Bug and lag fixes.

As you can notice, this update was mostly focused around fighting and making it just that bit more engaging!
Thank you all for your continued support of the game!
Also big thanks to our wiki editors, make sure to help contribute to the wiki! https://the-haven-tycoon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Haven_Tycoon
The next update wont be for another 2-3 weeks but I promise you it will be massive!
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You may have also noticed I made a new game “Blox Royale”, this will be recieving a (somewhat small) update pretty soon with a minor event along with bloxfields and new cards!
Another update for Blox Royale wont come for 3 weeks as I will be focusing on the massive haven tycoon update later this april!