SR Admin // A Efficient, Powerful & Safe Administrative System [Version 3]

There’s still no footage of the admin panel in this topic. May you please attach images of it? And no, I would prefer not to join the game to see.

Footage will be provided before the release of Version 1.5 (which is the next update) as it’s kind of useless if I take videos of Version 1.4 and then I release the next version in like a few weeks especially since a new UI has been planned for V 1.5

Sneak peek of the new UI that’ll be coming with Version 1.5 by @AllabyAIIaby!


The differences to the old GUI to the new GUI look completely different, and the design of the new GUI look very good and it seems very promising for Version 1.5!


Thank you. I put quite alot of effort into the design. It is currently being implemented into studio and will be released shortly (hopefully).

I agree with this. I am very excited for the Future of SR Admin!


v1.5 News Update

Everyone, as you probably know v1.5 (basiaclly v2) is a complete revamp of the entire Admin system. This post will be updated with real-time development of the new Update (UI) as we continue to develop closer to release.

Thank you for your patience while we are working on making SR Admin amazing!

Completed UI

All UI here is a rought outline of what it will look in-game. This means that when the admin panel is released all of the white space & other annoying things will be fixed!


Commands Page

(These buttons have been replaced with the outlined versions to be consistent across the UI)

Configuration Page

Clicking on a green button turns it red and opposite applies.
True / False type thing where red = false and green = true.
The hidden mode is a possible feature that is coming in either v1.5 or v1.6

Modal (Popup)

I have no clue who owns the screenshot in the background of the modal.
Background blurs.
Rich text support & player mentions using @ which also means that the UI will support lists like the following:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

In Dev UI

  • The Advanced Rich Text Editor for the Announcement

  • Hint (Announcement but at top and not cover entire page)

  • Profile Page (View your past logs in this server and discover loads of other things such as your in-game level (togglable feature), current role & more!

  • No more are currently in development.

Plugin UI

Plugin Home

  • If you wish for a feature to be added please contact me or Scripter_Rickster and we will try to help!

Forgot to mention this but the public testing place will be shutdown after the release of version 1.5 as clearly there’s always bugs occurring within that place plus it’s rendered useless with the planned setup and tutorial videos coming for version 1.5.

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v2 is near. Get ready for some of this:

Make sure to install the plugin as when v2 of the panel releases (est. 2-3 days) you will need to install the Canary edition !!!

I am so excited and happy. This is the last teaser!!!

The advancd announcement editor will release when v2 switches from Canary (Beta) to the main installation proccess as this is harder than I thought to design lol.


Update might be delayed for a bit as I’m currently feeling burnt out plus my mental health is honestly not at it’s best at this moment. Apologies to those who expected this update to come out within the original time frame for this update.


that UI is looking fresh nice work

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Status Update: Development will be resuming during the summer as school ends at the last day of June, and I’ll be busy with academics for the last month of school.

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Do you have a specific date? Because that be lookin’ fresh! :fire:

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(Sorry for late response)

Due to the owner of SR admin being burnt out I am considering making this a seperate project until continuation of SR can be made. Thanks for the nice comment btw :smiley:

FYI (For your information): This means that the UI designer (AllabyAllaby) will be using this panel for a separate project, however I still have ownership of the “SR Admin Panel” until further notice. Also my discord username has changed from “Questionable Existance#9242” to “questionable_existence” due to the new rollout of discord’s username system.

I forgot about updating the warn ui (so did AllabyAllaby lol) so I decided to change things up and made it look better.

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Expect version 1.5 to release some day next week! This update will be jam packed with new features, including mobile/tablet compatibility! (I unfortunately had to pushback the configuration section of this admin panel to V2 in order to speed up this process, but hey I’d rather get this new UI and system out before I add more stuff). A tutorial will soon be posted as well. If you wish to see the changes early, I’ve updated the github repository with code from V 1.5. (forgot to mention that the new textchatservice will also be supported but will still retain support for the legacychatservice).

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Version 1.5 has been fully released now. Please report any bugs onto this devforum post or into the support server. Thanks.

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Updated the admin panel once more to include more anti-cheat customizability and fixed the tool disappearing when resetting. Also added a new feature to the plugin that makes it so it no longer deletes the previous config file, allowing a much more quicker and smoother transfer of settings from the old to the new config files.

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Hi guys! Just a heads up, the configuration panel will no longer be added in the V2 update, as it is practically useless when you can just make those changes either in the config file or within Roblox Studio. I’ve updated the V2’s features within the future updates section, so uh yeah.

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Just a few teasers for what’s coming in V2 :wink:

(Note that these teasers do not represent the final product within the V2 update).


(removed one of the images because it incorrectly represented the background blur)

More teasers can be found within the support server.