SR Admin Panel // A Efficient Yet Powerful Admin Panel

Hi there y’all! Name’s Scripter_Rickster (or you can just call me Rick). I noticed that there isnt many admin panels (for free) on the Roblox platform therefore I decided to create a admin panel. The panel would be extremely easy to use and setup whilst being a powerful admin panel. The panel is extremely customizable as well, with the option of you making your own backgrounds for the admin panel and applying them, along with Trello API for bans, and Discord webhooks for logging. After countless hours of development, I introduce you to the SR Admin Panel!


  • 1 Homescreen panel, in which you can access the moderation and miscellaneous panels.

  • Important Commands (Such as Ban, Unban, Freeze, Team, etc)

  • A Config File (Which includes Discord Webhook Compatibility & Logging, Group Ranks , Ban List, Command Permissions, etc)

  • Non Obfuscated & Organized Code (Which is very easy to edit)

  • Very Simple Setup (Place the files in the places labelled by the model names or use the plugin and then just edit the config file to your liking and you’re good! :smiley: )

  • Decent Anti Exploit Protection For Admin Panel Values (Such as boolean values within the character)

  • Command Cooldown (Customizable)

  • Trello API Connections (Can only be used for bans for now)

  • Customizable Background (Using templates. Link: SR Admin Panel Background Templates)

  • Rank Structure (Therefore you cannot use commands on those who are ranked higher than you)

Latest Update:

  • [V1.3.5] This update only contains some parts of the “V1.4” update. The real reason why this update was made to quickly change the Discord webhook proxy service that the admin panel was originally using. This update comes with a WebhookAPI that is called on in order to send the logs rather than hard coding it in. This update also hopefully solves the admin panel UI not being in the center on every device along with solving the values not being initialized quickly enough.

Active Notices:

  • N/A

Next Update Description / Progress:

  • [V1.4]:
    Version 1.4 would introduce custom commands being supported. This update would then be able to allow users to create their own commands instead of hard coding it into the admin panel if they wished to do so. Expect this update to take a while as this may be a complicated update if not created properly.

Informational Links:

Most Recent Changes:

  • [Public Testing Place] Fixed users being able to shutdown the public testing game.

  • [Admin Panel] Published a fix for a bug that allowed users to use commands on users who are the same rank as themselves.

  • [Admin Panel] Updated the Admin Panel to V1.3.5 from V1.3.

  • [Devforum Post] Made The Topic Post Description Much More Easier To Read.


  • Mobile Compatibility:
    The buttons and functions work on mobile devices, however the UI isn’t designed to be supported on mobile related games. The admin panel was designed to be used on PC/Laptop games. Mobile compatibility will be included within future updates, however a guaranteed ETA (Estimated Time Until Arrival) cannot be provided.

  • Required Permissions For The Admin Panel To Function:

    • “Allow HTTP Requests”
    • “Allow Access To API Services”
  • Current Bugs:

    • N/A
  • Current Developers:


  • Adonis Admin (For their flight script).



Can you provide any screenshots or a video?


Sure! Hang on while I record some, I actually made a testing place that you can test the admin panel on. You’ll be able to see all of the commands and features that the admin panel has to offer.

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I haven’t tested it yet but I think you can ban people in the testing place. I’m not so sure, I only tested kicking (as you already know :D)


Don’t worry! You wont be able to perform moderation actions on other users as I have set up a rank structure (which comes with all versions of the SR Admin Panel). Everybody is given the rank of “Owner” upon joining testing place. You’ll only be able to do miscellaneous commands on yourself in the testing place as you’ll be able to experience the admin panel without ruining other people’s experiences. Of course, this will be different in other games as user(s) can modify the config file to however they like!


Can you link a Trello board to this admin? I’m looking for a good admin with a working Trello board so I can externally ban players via the board.


I’ve actually never used Trello before :sweat_smile: , but I’ll definitely add this to my list of potential updates to the admin panel


Apologies for the delay in the release of Version 1.2 for the admin panel. My old computer was broken after I accidentally spilled some juice onto the keyboard (My old laptop was almost 9 years old) and my current laptop could not fit the GUI onto the screen. I finally managed to connect a monitor to my small laptop and managed to finish Version 1.2 of the SR Admin Panel. Here’s a screenshot for those who are curious:

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Version 1.3 has been released! This time, it comes with the Trello API system (currently only used for banning users, however I plan on expanding this in the future), background customizability and much more! Check the update description for more information in the devforum post!

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Hey y’all! While I attempt to find & fix bugs that may be occurring and implementing more customizable features into the panel, I want to know what everybody else wants in order to make the admin panel more appealing to each experience all across the ROBLOX platform. Feel free to send any suggestions that could be implemented into the admin panel here or inside the discord server.


I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but I made the devforum post much more organized and easy to read (hopefully).

For those who may of not have seen the notice I just added to the post, basically the proxy service for Discord webhooks is being discontinued due to the increasing costs and demands therefore I will be attempting to find another proxy service to use or create my own in order to fix this issue. For now please be patient while I try to find a solution to this problem. [FIXED]

The UI could use some work.

  • Add text size constraints
  • Consistent font
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I’ve been seeing a lot of people attempting to shutdown a server on the public testing game. It will 100% NOT WORK as I have disabled it in the public testing place. This is to prevent abuse just like how I disabled all of the moderation commands in the public testing place.