SR Admin Panel Version 1.2

Hi there y’all! Name’s Scripter_Rickster (or you can just call me Rick). I noticed that there isnt many admin panels (for free) on the Roblox platform therefore I decided to create a admin panel. This panel would require you to perform all actions on there, by simply picking a player, a command and a reason / value ! (This way, those pesky beginner exploiters will be caught easily as they usually tend to use the chat instead to perform exploits). Therefore, after 1 month of unhealthy screen times and countless hours of development, I announce to you all the SR Admin Panel!


  • 1 Homescreen panel, in which you can access the moderation and miscellaneous panels.

  • Important Commands (Such as Ban, Unban, Freeze, Team, etc)

  • A Config File (Which includes Discord Webhook Compatibility & Logging, Group Ranks , Ban List, Command Permissions, etc)

  • Non Obfuscated & Organized Code (Which is very easy to edit)

  • Very Simple Setup (Place the files in the places labelled by the model names or use the plugin and then just edit the config file to your liking and you’re good! :smiley: )

  • Decent Anti Exploit Protection For Admin Panel Values (Such as boolean values within the character)

  • Command Cooldown (5 Seconds) [Temporarily Removed]

  • Rank Structure (Therefore you cannot use commands on those who are ranked higher than you)

Latest Update:

  • [V1.2] Re-designed the UI/GUI, Re-scripted core functions in the gui along with organizing the UI/GUI. Also added 1 extra command (bring).

Active Notices:

  • [NOTICE]: Do not abuse the proxy service that is integrated with the admin panel. If caught doing so, the proxy service ( will ban your experience from further using their proxy service.

Next Update Description / Progress:

Version 1.3 [V1.3]

Version 1.3 will include:

  • Trello API (Status: Unfinished)
  • More Efficient Framework & Reducing Events (Status: Complete)
  • Panel Customizability (You can customize how the panel will look) (Status: Complete)
  • Command Cooldown (It will be re-introduced in Version 1.3 and you will be able to customize the cooldown this time) (Status: Complete)

Mobile Compatibility:
I understand that this panel may be used on games that support Mobile Devices (such as tablets and phones), therefore I did integrate mobile compatibility into the panel, such as being able to use commands while on mobile, however the gui’s may look a bit wonky as I did design the panel to be on PC related games.

SR Admin Panel V 1.2

SR Admin Plugin

Testing Game:
For those who wish to see the admin panel for themselves before getting the model, here is the testing place: SR Admin Testing Place

Minor Changes:

  • Removed the webhook link and the Player ID’s that I accidentally left in the config file during testing :sweat_smile:
  • Added a README file to the model that has a link linked to this post, and instructions.
  • Fixed the GUI’s
  • Fixed anti exploit having false detections in the testing place. (There was a SR Admin Panel Model in the game’s workspace that I forgot to remove, therefore the panel’s duplicated into the player resulting in false anti exploit detections)

[TESTING GAME] Fixed a issue regarding users who can use moderation commands

Noted Bugs:

- Gui (I am currently fixing the gui so it doesnt look messed up in-game) (Fixed)

  • Plugin Not Properly Installing The Admin Panel [FIXED]

-[Mediocre Issue] → Issue has been elevated down to Mediocre as it is fixed, however the player lists are not updating properly. Currently looking into a fix for this issue

Current Developers:


[HodRevenge][No longer a developer as they did nothing]


I still consider myself a rookie developer on the Roblox Platform (even though I have been scripting and modelling on the platform for over 2.5 years) therefore some of the code may not be as efficient as possible and expect some bugs to occur. Updates to the admin panel will be made when I have time to update the admin panel. Feel free to report any bugs or send any suggestions to me via Discord (Questionable Existance#2811) , Roblox (Scripter_Rickster) or reply underneath this post (if that’s allowed)

Oh and uh, the flight stuff was originally taken from Adonis Admin, but it was edited to be compatible with my admin panel, so uhhhh credit to Epix Incorporated I guess :man_shrugging:



Can you provide any screenshots or a video?


Sure! Hang on while I record some, I actually made a testing place that you can test the admin panel on. You’ll be able to see all of the commands and features that the admin panel has to offer.

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I haven’t tested it yet but I think you can ban people in the testing place. I’m not so sure, I only tested kicking (as you already know :D)

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Don’t worry! You wont be able to perform moderation actions on other users as I have set up a rank structure (which comes with all versions of the SR Admin Panel). Everybody is given the rank of “Owner” upon joining testing place. You’ll only be able to do miscellaneous commands on yourself in the testing place as you’ll be able to experience the admin panel without ruining other people’s experiences. Of course, this will be different in other games as user(s) can modify the config file to however they like!


Can you link a Trello board to this admin? I’m looking for a good admin with a working Trello board so I can externally ban players via the board.


I’ve actually never used Trello before :sweat_smile: , but I’ll definitely add this to my list of potential updates to the admin panel


Apologies for the delay in the release of Version 1.2 for the admin panel. My old computer was broken after I accidentally spilled some juice onto the keyboard (My old laptop was almost 9 years old) and my current laptop could not fit the GUI onto the screen. I finally managed to connect a monitor to my small laptop and managed to finish Version 1.2 of the SR Admin Panel. Here’s a screenshot for those who are curious: