I always hated the max server size constraint in Roblox. Therefore, I thought of how real MMO’s work. Then I decided to recreate it using services Roblox offered.

PS: I’m sure I posted something like this a while back, but I can’t remember.


Stands for:
Single Server Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game
–which is ironic considering its single player, yet multiplayer.

Step 1:
Upload player data from a single player server to a general list using some service
{player.userId,Position,player.Name} – just for testing right now

Step 2:
Fetch all data of all players in the same list and create some logo or avatar to represent them.

The main problem is the time between updates takes forever.
For starters, I used DataStoreService to hold the list for positions.
I realize then that it takes around 10 seconds to update the location of each player >.<

The only other possibility is HTTPService, where I use PostAsync() and GetAsync() to send and fetch playerdata, but I don’t know if that will work any better.

So technically, it works, but still…

Any ideas on how to reduce latency, or is this where we hit the Roblox limit?