Staff | ESR | Emergency Services Roleplay

Hello, we are looking for staff members for our group.

If you want to apply here is some information on the group.

Emergency Services Roleplay, Originally called Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS was Founded in October of 2020, and has been making games and getting members since. Our goals are to get over 1k members, active players, staff, and Developers.

Information Regarding Ranks
Community Member - Starting Rank for members who join
Senior Community Member - Been here for a long time in the group around in 2020.
Air Support - Air support role is in-game role where they can fly helicopters give rides and more
FBI/S.W.A.T - Federal and Special Weapons And Tactics has access to lots of weapons, vehicles, armor and more.
Air Force/Military - Air Force is stationed on the carrier ready for attacks on the Barten County due to Crime Rates sky high. And Military also on standby to defend this land.

Community Moderator - First rank of the Moderation, these guys have less command then the High Ranks.
Administrator - Administrator has More Command then a CM (Community Moderator) and is the supervisor.

Trial Developer - First rank of Development when you are a starter
DEVELOPER - These ranked developers are more trusted.


Community Manager - Community Manager is responsible for Managing the Community, Announcements, Ranks, Roles & more.
Director Of Internal Affairs - These guys are not here to listen you to complain about annoying players these guys are serious and if you have a incident during or off duty of staffing or not even on roblox about our games, then these guys will question you and find out if you should be fired, punished etc.
Community Director The community director is here to direct and manage the managers. They are mostly inactive.


CO-FOUNDER - The Co-Founder is here to manage everyone except the Founder himself, but gives him ideas, helps develop, gets rid of inactive staff/developers and more. The Co-Founder is the Second most highest rank, but sadly you may not see him much in game.


FOUNDER - The Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Emergency Services Roleplay is a strict but will allow fun in the games a lot is the Highest Rank in Command of Emergency Services Roleplay.
The Founder is very active on his games and you may see him very regularly. Mostly in this car:
Founders Personal Car

Apply Here: Google Forms
Join the group here: Roblox Group