Staff Guidelines - Vacation Stay Resort

Staff Guidelines

Welcome, here is a list of guidelines that all staff agree to automatically when applying for a position at the Resort.

For Vacation Stay Resort Only.

~ Staff Guidelines ~



Your Job is to protect the hotel from Exploiters & Trollers. You have a very big responsibility.

Security Expectations

  • Guarding the hotel from Exploiters, Trollers
  • You must report any of this activity through the “Bug Report” (that way we get notified through discord”
  • Using the proper Warning and Kicking system.
  • 2 Warnings for spammers and rude customers (Then Kick)
  • Immediate kick for Trollers, Mass spammers and people that are glitching
  • If the problem persists, you MUST call an SHR or HR to ban them.



Your Job is to Check people into a hotel room and give help help customers if they have any questions

Receptionist Expectations

  • Checking people into rooms
  • Giving support if guests need help



Your Job is to Clean people’s rooms. This includes Flushing toilets, turning off any taps that are not being used, vacuum the rooms & turn any electronic appliance if they are on

Housekeeping Expectations

  • Cleaning peoples rooms Eg; Flushing toilets, turning off taps and electricity when not in use.
  • You must abide by the regular staff rules as well as the housekeeping rules.

Main Staff Rules

  1. All staff must respect customers
  2. No asking for promotions, we will promote you when your ready
  3. If you have access to admin commands, please don’t abuse them
  4. It is highly restricted to enter a guests room without permission

Housekeeping Rules


As you may know, housekeeping has access to every room (only for cleaning rooms) however some people think it is okay to abuse their powers by annoying guests and coming into a guests room without permission, so we have some rules in place to keep everyone happy

  1. It is highly restricted to enter a guests room without permission
  2. If a guest has the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on their door, you must NOT enter their room


LR = Low Rank

MR = Medium Rank

HR = High Rank

SHR = Super High Rank

Lr Ranks

  • Awaiting Training
  • Junior Housekeeping
  • Junior Reception
  • Junior Security
  • Receptionist
  • Security
  • Housekeeping

Mr Ranks

  • Head Of Reception
  • Head Of Security
  • Head of Services

Hr Ranks

  • Management
  • Senior Management
  • Shift Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief Human Resources

Shr Ranks

  • Developer
  • Board Of Directors
  • Vice Chairman
  • Chairman

These rules can be updated at anytime without notice, so please check back so often