Stamina boost item avoiding drug label

So I have a game I am currently developing where I plan to have a item that makes you boost your stamina however I am afraid of connotations that this may have to drugs and narcotics, especially since the game is sat in a urban setting. How can I perhaps name, design and present this item without it being indicatory of drugs but rather a simple enhancement to your ingame stamina.

I have thought of just calling it “Stamina Booster” or simply “Booster”, don’t know if those are good enough?

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Of course. I’ve seen ton of games containing stamina boosters and similar items. You’ll most likely be fine as long as you don’t directly call it a drug, or make it look like one.

I thought of perhaps making it a Chocolate bar because it instills temporary sugar kicks.

EDIT: I just want it to be a natural object in the world, not some RPG ish element.

yeah like Snickers or kit Kat would be a good example

you neither name it stamina booster or chocolate bar
but if you say a kind of drug your dead

To me, moderators wouldn’t even mind “chocolate bar” BUT, watch out. Don’t make it a bottle or they’ll think it’s drugs

a chocolate bar would likely work, games like Baldi’s basic (which I believe is currently very dead lol) use it as a stamina boost.