Stand Instincts Update 4.5


Update List:

  • New Stand Movement, resulting in the Stand Lagging being completely fixed
  • New Damage Indiactor Effects
  • New Rush, Barrage, Basic Combat Effects
  • New Animations for Stands
  • New Effects
  • New Voicelines for D4C + TH + TWAU + GE + TW
  • Remade all Beatdowns
  • Your Stand Limbs will appear if you try to attack unsummoned and if you do, the damage will be half’ed compared to a summoned stand. (Echoes cannot be used without having your stand summoned)
  • New Stand Previews in the Menu
  • New KQ Model
  • New Tusk Model

  • Whitesnake has a new ability called Acid Spit
  • Purple Haze has a new ability called Virus Popper
  • Changed up how Tusk Nail Punch works

  • Fixes to Sticky Finger’s Glide Ability
  • Fixes to Dimension Hop ability
  • Fixes to Crazy Diamond and GER
  • Added Global CD to Time Stop
  • Fixed Damocles breaking because of Time Stop

  • Increased Stun for Reel In Ability
  • Increased Cooldowns for CMoon’s Powers
  • Nerfed GE’s Vine Restrain Length
  • Nerfed GER + SF
  • There are KO Limits on all Time Stops
  • Crazy Diamond’s Rage Mode cooldown is decreased, and instead there’s a KO limit of 310 Kills
  • You can no longer get attacked in Time Erase
  • Time Erase and Time Skip has a KO Req now