Star Explosion and Portal Teleport System

Just random ideas to create. I had nothing else to do anyway…

Star Explosion:
robloxapp-20201209-1850135.wmv (2.7 MB)
Portal Teleport System:
robloxapp-20201204-2124113.wmv (919.5 KB)

It May not be the best. What do you think of them?

What can I do next time to make them better?


The star explosion is really cool. For the teleport system, you could add some particles that come off the ship as it enters the portal.

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I think your creations are amazing. You did very well with the Star Explosion and it looks very much realistic, that was a great job for that creation!

The Portal teleport system looks neat and everything but, it looks a bit like a worm hole…
If this makes no sense, I mean that the space ship should probably teleport with the teleportation (worm hole looking) system. As this could create problems later on throughout your development. For example, make the Ship completely vanish on entering the teleportation touch. Other than that, great work :1st_place_medal:

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They are both amazing! The star explosion made me think about our sun if it explodes one day. The portal reminds me of Halo [I think that’s where it comes from.]

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