[STAR WARS] BorderBreak team is Hiring Advanced Programmer!

About Us

Hello, guys! Our Dev Team is creating a STAR WARS border game where players can pass borders without people operating it. It will have aspects of jailbreak AND rp.

About The Job

We are looking for Advanced Programmer who have ability to do jailbreak scripts and group team scripts. Requirments are active, and good communication skills. Being ignorant is not accepted.


We are paying in %, 25 - 35%. You can talk to me if you need arrangements.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via dizzy.
DevSeanJ #5429

You must be 13 years or old to apply.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Have you got permission to use the Star Wars IP?

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No, but we will not use any copyrighted Star Wars content.

Who are the team members? What’s the actual plan? What have you finished and do you have any work to show? 25% of a game that won’t probably get far isn’t a good payment.

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If you’re not using any Star Wars IP, why did you say you’re creating a Star Wars game?

Well it is technically a Star Wars THEMED game.

How much % do you think will be a good payment?

Themed in what way?

If you’re using anything that’s in Star Wars (e.g. Planets, Orders, etc) then you’re using the Star Wars IP.

We’re not using any planets etc, no nothing in Star Wars copyright. We are just inspired in Star Wars and has no direct copyright issues with Star Wars.

Then you’re not making a Star Wars game so your post is misleading.

Not really. It is more like your reply is misleading, as asking me if I got a permission to use Star Wars IP. Reading many posts regarding copyright issues in Star Wars, Roblox simply allows developers to use Star Wars content without getting permission, idk why. That is why all the other Star Wars games around Roblox is not issued with copyright.

That’s not the case. You’re not allowed to use IP which you don’t own or haven’t got permission from to use. Roblox just doesn’t take action until the IP holder files a DMCA claim.

So you mean popular Star Wars game: [STAR WARS] Coruscant might get sued by Disney for using planet names?

Yes, they can be sued by Disney.

A question, How do I get a permission to use IP? Do I have to pay Disney to allow it or something?

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