StarFruit Interactive Documentation & Credits

StarFruit Interactive was founded on 4/30/2021 by EGOTISMS as project lead with JelloJosh1e as environment artist. StarFruit Interactive later brought on other developers to bring [REDACTED] alive!

StarFruit Team:
EGOTISMS - Project lead, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Concept Artist, Graphic Design
JelloJosh1e - Environment Design/Artist and Secondary 3D Asset Designer
RedRidingCat - Gameplay programmer

StarFruit Contributors:
Limitery - Lead 3D Asset Designer
Indresa - Character Uniform Designs
ImagiRyan - Game Logo Designer

Alternative Contributors:
:heart: Sushiowns for some food assets

AspDuck for thumbnail art
Harht for her Monstera Deliciosa plant models
HostingHell for SuperFruit Interactive group clothing merchandise
RadVideo for voice acting [BLANK]
0Skyz for StarFruit currency icons

UGC Features:

Special Thanks:
Ghost Town Games, the team behind Overcooked! 2
Resolution Games, the team behind Cook-Out: A Sandwich tale