StarJ3M - Scripter and Tester, Scripting Lessons Included!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Tester and Scripter, I am at Novice level for scripter and currently know the basics, as a Tester, I have basically all day to test a game, I can probably go from 4 - 7 Hours possibly even more if you need it!

What I know

I know how to:

  • Printing
  • Functions
  • Built In Functions
  • Values
  • Variables ( local )
  • a Great Nolage Of Math
  • TweenService
  • Tables


I am available practically all day everyday, except for holidays, ( take birthdays into considerations and when Im not home )


Prices are negotiable, In Scripter and Tester Cases, I accept Robux Only, It depends also what I am Testing/Scripting

What Else?

I also can teach you how to script for free! Just post a review Under the Main Post!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at StarJ3M#7523

Thanks for reading! B)


Hello, It seems like your discord username and tags are incorrect. I am interesting to hire you. Please contact me back with new discord username and tags thru devforum msg or add me MoTheNoob#0001.

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Its because I changed my name, I frogot to change it on their but I will change it back

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