Starscape Changelog v4.1

This is the official changelog for Starscape Update 4.1 of the Pre-Beta testing phase: the Abilities update.


  • New Targeter upgrade slot which allows you to optimize your ship for dealing damage to different factions
  • New Ability upgrade slot which allows you to equip one of three new abilities to further specialize your ship: the Afterburner, Signal Cloak, and Tractor Beam
  • Players can now re-enter cloning tubes to edit their character appearance
  • Trackers in space now have distance labels which tell you how far you are from an object


  • Faction ships give variable standing decreases when destroyed instead of each one giving -20
  • Drone Destroyers renamed to Drone Corvettes
  • New mining laser sound effect
  • Removed boost ability from all ships (replaced with afterburner ability)
  • Slightly nerfed interceptor speeds and slightly buffed fighter speeds
  • All ships are slightly more maneuverable
  • Buy and sell prices are now more readable in store windows


  • Patched the infinite item/credits exploit
  • Rewrote server startup code to prevent wrongly entering the system you just exited
  • Planets and moons should now properly rotate
  • Drones should now properly wait several seconds to attack a player after they exit warp
  • Attempted a fix for falling into the void
  • Attempted improvements to nebula (space dust) performance
  • The starter mission should now complete for those stuck on the final step

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