StarStruck Studios looking for a Scripter!

About Us

Hello! We are StarStruck Studios! We are an up and coming development group to bring creative and entertaining games to Roblox!

About the Job

You will be working as our scripter! We are looking for an experienced scripter who’s had at least one year of experience. We’d like good communication skills and have a positive attitude towards ALL team members.

About the Game

Class: Chaos is a combat-based FFA game where players will select certain weapons/objects (Or “Classes”) to battle each other. Each class has its unique stats and abilities to aid them in battle.

The team

@Clxzed- Builder

@Red1Monster- Modeler

@Hexultic- GUI.UI specialist

@carlys- Builder

@username- Scripter

@CrushingZero- Animator


DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that the payment options seem fishy, sadly I do not have backup payment.

I understand why most developers won’t work for me due to the payment options but I can’t just buy Robux to pay developers. (Money doesn’t grow on trees, y’ know?)

Contact Us!

You can contact me at @CrushingZero on the dev forum or send me a friend request and message me! (My username is CrushingZero)

Or you can join our group!


Models By @Red1Monster

GUI By @Hexultic

(Its not much, I know. :sweat_smile:)

Thank you for reading, have a great day! :smiley:


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