Start of a Apocolyptic City

What do you think of the 2 buildings I have created below, please give me feedback and how I can improve! :slight_smile:


This is very good, I like the building on the right but the building on the left seems a bit empty unlike the right one. :smile: Let me know how you continue.

Here is the newest building and I completely agree with what you said, I will change the exterior of it soon.

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Looks pretty nice are you gonna make it to be able to enter some buildings?

In the middle building there will be an entrance to one of the rooms.

Looks very nice! Maybe have the vines growing down, having pipes with water and steam coming out, or some fallen glass in the floor.

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Are you making this out of fun or are you making an game.

Doesnt really look too apocalyptic to me. (Unless thatโ€™s the style your going for)

If itโ€™s the apocalypse I would really expect it to look more runned down with vegetation, corrosion, etc from never being kept up over the years.

To me the buildings just simply look too clean and well kept for an apocalyptic theme.

I think a ruined/overgrown part here or there would really help out.

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So far I have just created the Buildings, I am yet to add the destroyed parts.