StarterCharacter Model Not Respawning Properly

I have created a 2D platformer where you play as a physics-based rocket. The rocket is a StarterCharacter model with HumanoidStateType 16, meaning the typical physical influences of a humanoid have no effect on the rocket. It moves instead by BodyMovers which are controlled by UserInputService and ContextActionService inputs. I have provided a screenshot and video for more context on the contents of the StarterCharacter and its resulting gameplay.


The only remaining bug I have with this system is the StarterCharacter is unable to respawn properly. Upon resetting the character or dying naturally the character model will load back in on one of the spawn locations but the camera will not follow the character and the controls will do nothing. I have done multiple tests to isolate the variable causing this issue and I have more or less concluded that the issue lies in the StarterCharacter model somehow. CharacterAutoLoads is enabled under Players, and I have no custom respawn logic. The bug persists after disabling my camera script and my controls script so those must not be responsible. When testing without the StarterCharacter the player respawns correctly and other StarterCharacter models from the toolbox work fine. I have tried this exact setup in a baseplate the problem remains. I have tried both R6 and R15 in the game settings and the humanoid’s properties.